• We put your will into action

  • Cetanā offers tailor-made solutions for SMEs
    wishing to set up in Japan and develop their business.

  • Evaluate your potential, find the right partner, develop sales.

    What we offer

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    We specialize in Medical industry
    and Manufacturing solutions

    B2B Services

    Evaluate, Find, Develop

    B2B Services



  • Evaluate your competitive positioning.
  • Estimate the cost and duration of an approval.
  • Define the best way to access the market,
    for sustainable developments.
  • Act like an expert, without waiting 20 years.

  • Our tailor-made services

  • Expert training for executives and managers (Cetanā’s unique approach).
  • Feasibility study.
  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Clipping.
  • Sourcing.
  • Business partner evaluation.

  •        Find


  • Identify the best partners
  • Make yourself known in professional networks.
  • Find the KOLs.
  • Create a subsidiary.
  • Recruit.

  • Our tailor-made services

  • Finding and setting up a business partner
  • License agreement negotiation
  • Creation of Joint-Venture, etc.
  • Creation of a commercial subsidiary.

  •        Develop


  • Manage critical situations with your partners.
  • Develop sales.
  • Find new distribution channels.
  • Supervise, encourage your local teams.
  • Manage your subsidiary remotely.

  • Our tailor-made services

  • Trouble shooting.
  • Distributor supervision.
  • Development of commercial network.
  • Coaching of sales force.
  • Subsidiary management.

  • Health division

    Three experts put their skills at the service of SMEs in the health sector.

    Manufacturing division

    We specialize in supporting companies that offer industrial solutions.

    Regional Promotion

    In view of the changes in the environment and their impact on local life, the internationalization of the territories is no longer an asset.

    The attractiveness of a territory so defined has a dynamic force that is not exclusively defined by its status or size, but by its living forces and its ability to include them in international flows. It is to this mission that Cetanā is dedicated.

    We implement a proven methodology that allows any territory, regardless of size or international experience, to fully deploy its attractiveness and take advantage of it in a balanced way, harmoniously combining competitiveness and attractiveness.



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