“Wan wan” and “nia nia”*: a market to pamper

Pets are on track to achieve a successful integration within the Japanese society. They held the numerical advantage with more than 12 million dogs and 10 million cats and play an ever-greater role in the lives of Japanese who are inclined to regard them as full members of the family.

In doing so, “wan wan” and “nia nia” hold the attention of companies which year after year market more and more sophisticated products and services. A Yokohama based company has developed a connected device that allows monitoring on Smartphone of cat’s physiological parameters (such as heart activity) as well as psychological parameters. Measurements are made on the animal mouth and ears.

Services are also on the rise. Today it is fashionable to take out an insurance for one’s pet. In 2014, a Tokyo-based company sold more than 80,000 insurance contracts for doggies. The best is yet to come.

If pooches are widely popular, iconic medium sized dogs like Shiba Inu (see mine on the picture below) as well as big dogs are also popular. Among fashionable names are Choco, Mocha and Cocoa. Hana (Flower) and Momo (peach) are the most popular for female dogs. Coco is one of the most favorites names for males dogs.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the attractiveness of the Japanese pet market. In an aging society with low birth rates, the pet market which year after year is attracting more and more companies, tends to incorporate technologies and services. 

If you are concerned about this market, do not miss the opportunity it represents for all western exporters.