Skills improvement

1. You are the best Japan expert for yourself

For some time, our customers rely on our expertise. But once alone to follow their market, many are lacking hindsight, accumulating damaging mistakes and missteps.

On a reputed specific market, developing a specific efficiency is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Cetanā® aims to help you manage your business autonomously, over time, thanks to a unique formula.

The Double Impact Japan program 

Our program is designed to provide alternating thematic training by top professionals, residents in Japan, with appointments tailored business. Short debriefs take place every day in order to share and interpret experiences.

The goal here is not to make the participants knowledgeable, but to prepare them, as cautious and adaptable businessmen to manage all business situations requiring real-time expertise. Japan is explored without compartmentalization in its different dimensions: industrial, managerial, social and cultural.


2. Make your own teams an advantage for the Japanese market

During their stay in Japan, many exporters become aware that business in this country calls for appropriate responses. Perhaps are you one of those convinced exporters. But what do you do with your team in your country?

What does the Japanese customer mean to them? How do they interpret his demand for responsiveness, quality and detail? What is their motivation to locally extend your efforts to build a real presence in this market?

As a newly appointed Japan expert, you need to find a relay within your company. It is with this objective that we intend to work with you.

The Task Force program

This course is designed for teams based outside Japan. It aims to encourage your staff in the acquisition of knowledge designed to help them meet the requirements of Japanese customers. Your employees need simple benchmarks to understand the logic, the expectations of your Japanese partners in order to reduce as much as possible situations of miscommunication which lower the credibility of your company.

This training is not presented as a set of recipes. We seek instead to foster among the participants an "individual" understanding, each participant taking for himself key lessons that will serve as its logical benchmark for the future.

Following this training, it is not uncommon for many participants to understand how some of their past attitudes have unwittingly been unfavorable. The motivation that emerges from this observation is invariably a source of progress and cohesion.