Business development for SMEs

An approach suitable for all SMEs, for quick and lasting results

1. Defining a wining strategy

Even if you are new to the Japanese market, you can secure your approach and make it profitable if you are accompanied by an expert. Cetanā® will answer the following questions:

  • What are the opportunities in the Japanese market?

  • Which strategy should we adopt?

Cetanā® solutions :

  • SV (Strategic Vision): a coherent strategy guarantees a quick return on investment.
  • MO (Market Overview): what you need to know before starting


2. Getting into the market

If your goal is to move beyond one-time exporter, Cetanā® will endeavor to clarify for you the following questions:

  • Where are the best potential partners for my company and who are they?
  • What are their motivations to build a partnership with me and what means are they willing to mobilize?

Cetanā® solutions :

  • MP (Market Positioning): all about your true potential, in a few short days.
  • PR (Partner Research): identify and select the best partner for a profitable, sustainable business.
  • PPE (Prospective Partner Evaluation): lean on our expertise to assess the real potential of the partner you have identified.
  • OC (Offer Customization): communicate in Japanese to better convince. Adapt your business communication (web, catalogs, etc.).


3. Gaining speed

A commercial presence is sustainable only when you are in control. If you are concerned about such a question, contact us:

  • How to boost my partner?
  • How can I increase sales?
  • How to set up in Japan without spending large budgets?

Cetanā® solutions:

  • MM (Market Monitoring): keep an eye on the market to be informed in real time
  • RA (Regulatory Affairs): find solutions to your specific questions: regulatory, tax, legal and logistics.
  • TS (Trouble Shooting): do not stay stuck in a misunderstanding, a dispute. Exit through the top of all your problems with your partner.
  • IC (Intercultural Communication): optimize your daily communication with your partner through our back office support.
  • SDS (Sales Development Support): use one of our experts to boost your Japanese partner and increase sales.
  • SU (Setting Up) :
    • Recruit your local representative
    • Open a liaison office and have it host
    • Establish a subsidiary and run it at a lower cost